Spectacular Showdown at ONE Friday Fights 64: Parham Gheirati’s KO Victory

ONE Friday Fights 64 once again delivered a night of spectacular action, this time taking place at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok. The event witnessed several impressive bouts, resulting in a total of six KO/TKO victories and one submission finish. One of the highlights of the evening occurred when young Iranian fighter Parham Gheirati secured a KO victory in the main event.

Parham Gheirati’s Impressive Victory

Parham Gheirati, the sensational teenager from Iran, was the main focus of the night with an impressive KO victory. Utilizing a characteristic Muay Thai teep kick, Gheirati knocked down his opponent, Jordan Godtfredsen, in the second round. This teep kick to the face caused Godtfredsen to fall without being able to get back up, ensuring a spectacular victory for Gheirati.

Undisputed Dominance and Technique

Gheirati displayed his dominance from the start of the first round with high aggression, engaging in a striking exchange with Godtfredsen in the center of the ring. His attack intensity increased in the second round, where he launched a series of hard punches to his opponent’s body and head, forcing Godtfredsen to retreat. The peak of Gheirati’s dominance was the teep kick to the face that floored Godtfredsen, underscoring his superior technique and strength.

Additionally, the co-main event also featured equally interesting drama. The Thai derby between Petmuangsri Wankhongohm MBK and Denphuthai SitJackmuaythai ended in the first round when Denphuthai’s finger broke while attempting to block a right kick from Petmuangsri. This TKO victory added to Petmuangsri’s record, bringing it to 58 wins.

One of the most attention-grabbing bouts was the performance by Johan Estupinan from Colombia. In just 27 seconds of the first round, Estupinan achieved a KO over Kouta Omoro with a brilliant combination of kicks and punches. This victory extended his undefeated record to 23 in his professional career.

A Night Full of Action and Surprises

ONE Friday Fights 64 not only showcased the incredible performance of Parham Gheirati but also featured various bouts filled with technique and drama. From Gheirati’s spectacular KO victory to Johan Estupinan’s impressive performance, the night truly became one of the most memorable moments in ONE Championship history. The event once again proved that Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is where fighters showcase their best skills, providing an unforgettable night for Muay Thai fans worldwide.

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