Rosie Duffield, Labour candidate, cancels hustings event due to receiving abuse

Rosie Duffield, Labour candidate, cancels hustings event due to receiving abuse

Labour candidate Rosie Duffield has made the decision to withdraw from hustings events in light of feeling unsafe. This comes after facing death threats and ongoing abuse due to her views on sex and gender. In a recent statement, Duffield cited “constant trolling, spite, and misrepresentation” as reasons for her withdrawal, noting that these actions have intensified during the election period.

Duffield, who is seeking re-election in the Canterbury constituency, expressed her disappointment that a few individuals have made her attendance at public events impossible. Instead, she intends to hold “secure” local events and has even resorted to hiring bodyguards for her campaign, spending £2,000 on security measures.

The crux of the issue lies in Duffield’s stance on protected spaces, where she believes individuals born male should not have access to certain areas such as domestic violence refuges and prisons. She has been vocal about her opposition to self-identification in the trans community for access to such spaces, sparking controversy and backlash from various sources.

The severity of the threats towards Duffield cannot be understated, as evidenced by a recent incident where an internet troll was sentenced for posting threatening messages against her and author JK Rowling. Duffield has expressed feeling unsupported by the Labour Party regarding her views on trans issues, further highlighting the challenges she faces within her own party.

Despite the Labour Party’s condemnation of intimidation tactics towards candidates, Duffield’s experience sheds light on the broader issue of safety and democracy in political campaigns. The recent incident involving Nigel Farage being covered in a milkshake serves as a stark reminder of the risks candidates face when engaging with the public.

As the election in Canterbury approaches, it is imperative to remember the importance of allowing candidates to campaign freely without fear for their safety. The full list of candidates standing in Canterbury reflects a diverse range of political views, with Duffield representing Labour amidst a backdrop of controversy and threats. It is essential for democracy that candidates are able to participate in the electoral process without intimidation or violence.