Rodgers denies accusations of disrespect from Rangers ahead of derby

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has hit back at accusations of disrespect towards Rangers, stating that such claims are “without merit.” Rodgers’ comments came after he suggested that league leaders Rangers could have “a bit of fun” in their upcoming Old Firm derby.

The remarks led to a sharp response from Rangers boss Philippe Clement, who took issue with Rodgers’ comments. However, Rodgers clarified that his statement was made without any negative intent, emphasizing his admiration for the historic rivalry between the two Glasgow clubs.

With Celtic leading Rangers by three points in the league standings, the upcoming derby carries added significance as both teams vie for the title. Rodgers reiterated his respect for the intensity and competitiveness of the fixture, highlighting the pride he feels in managing Celtic in such a high-stakes match.

“I love it. It’s one of the reasons I am here, the great pride and privilege I have in managing Celtic in a Rangers game,” Rodgers expressed. “The whole emotion, the whole feeling around this game is absolutely amazing.”

Addressing the backlash over his initial comments, Rodgers emphasized that he has never intended to show disrespect towards any opposing team or manager. He made it clear that he values sportsmanship and professionalism in all aspects of the game, particularly in such a renowned fixture.

As Celtic and Rangers prepare to square off in the Old Firm derby, Rodgers’ words serve as a reminder of the intense passion and respect that characterize one of the most iconic rivalries in world football. Amidst the heated competition, both teams will look to showcase their talent and determination while upholding the spirit of sportsmanship that defines this historic fixture.

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