Roaring Kitty Returns as Meme Stocks GameStop and AMC Surge at Market Open

The Man Behind the Meme Stock Craze: Roaring Kitty Resurfaces

The man who became a household name during the meme stock craze of 2021 has made a triumphant return to the social platform X after three years. Keith Gill, better known as “Roaring Kitty,” sent shockwaves through the market on Monday as he posted a meme that reignited interest in some of the most popular meme stocks of the past year.

Gill’s post featured an image of a man sitting forward in his chair, a meme used by gamers when things are getting serious. This simple gesture set off a chain reaction that saw the prices of GameStop, AMC, Koss Co., BlackBerry, and Bed, Bath & Beyond surge at the opening bell on Monday.

GameStop, once a struggling video game retailer, was on the brink of bankruptcy before Gill and his followers intervened. Their efforts transformed the fate of the company and sparked a battle between small retail investors and large hedge funds. The small guys ultimately emerged victorious, driving GameStop’s shares up over 1,000% in 2021.

The meme stock craze was in full swing, with AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. experiencing a 2,300% surge and other meme stocks following suit. Gill’s influence was undeniable, and his return to X on Sunday only fueled the fire further.

The market reacted swiftly to Gill’s post, with shares of GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. skyrocketing by nearly 70% and 23%, respectively. Koss Co. and BlackBerry also saw significant gains, adding to the frenzy that swept through the market on Monday.

Despite fading from public view after posting a video of kittens in June 2021, Gill’s impact on the meme stock craze was undeniable. His story was even turned into a movie called “Dumb Money,” capturing the thrilling highs and lows of the meme stock phenomenon.

As meme stocks continue to dominate the market, with some experiencing a resurgence after bouts of volatility, all eyes are once again on Roaring Kitty. His return to X has reignited the enthusiasm of retail investors and brought new life to a craze that shows no signs of slowing down.

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