Review of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2024) by Autocar

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class remains a stalwart choice in the executive saloon segment, even as diesel options become increasingly scarce. The E220d may lack the flashiness of the now-discontinued 520d and 530d, but it proves that diesel powertrains still have their place in the automotive world.

Behind the wheel of the E220d, drivers are treated to a refined and quietly efficient experience. The diesel engine, while audible, never feels rough or intrusive. The seamless start-stop system and smooth acceleration make for a comfortable and effortless driving experience. Despite its weight, the E220d manages a respectable 0-60mph time, showcasing its capability as a daily driver.

The real highlight, however, comes in the form of the E300e plug-in hybrid model. With a combination of petrol and electric power, this variant offers impressive performance and efficiency. The electric motor seamlessly complements the petrol engine, providing a boost of power without sacrificing refinement. The ability to maintain motorway speeds in electric mode and adjust regenerative braking levels with shift paddles further enhance the driving experience.

While the nine-speed automatic transmission performs admirably in most situations, it can at times be caught off guard by sudden changes in driving conditions. Despite this minor flaw, the overall driving dynamics of the E-Class remain solid and well-engineered.

In terms of braking performance, the E-Class may not excel in slippery conditions, but the ESP system proves essential in maintaining stability and control. Pedal feel, however, could be improved to inspire more confidence during emergency stops.

In conclusion, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class continues to impress with its blend of traditional diesel power and modern hybrid technology. Whether opting for the efficient E220d or the versatile E300e, drivers can expect a comfortable and capable ride that upholds the luxury standard of the E-Class lineage. With its refined performance and advanced features, the E-Class remains a strong contender in the competitive executive saloon market.

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