Review of the 2024 Subaru Solterra AWD Touring

Subaru has entered the electric car market with the Solterra, a mid-size electric family SUV developed in partnership with Toyota’s BZ4X. This move pits Subaru against competitors like the Tesla Model Y, Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and Ford Mustang Mach-E. While the Solterra and BZ4X share many similarities, they also have key differences that may influence the purchasing decision for potential buyers.

The pricing of the Subaru Solterra starts at $69,990 plus on-road costs, making it a competitive choice in the mid-size electric SUV category. The Touring model, priced at $76,990, offers additional features such as 20-inch alloy wheels, wireless smartphone charging, power-adjustable front passenger seat, and a premium sound system. Comparatively, the Toyota BZ4X is priced slightly lower at $74,900 but lacks some of the premium features found in the Solterra Touring.

In terms of interior space and comfort, the Subaru Solterra offers a well-equipped cabin with comfortable seating and a mix of materials that provide a premium feel. The rear seats are spacious with adequate legroom, although the high seat base may impact knee room for taller passengers. The Solterra also offers practical storage solutions, though the lack of a traditional glove box may be a downside for some buyers.

The technology features in the Solterra include a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a 7.0-inch instrument display. The integrated safety technology is comprehensive, with features like blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist to enhance driver safety.

When it comes to energy efficiency and driving range, the Subaru Solterra is rated at 485km in lenient NEDC testing, with an energy consumption of 14.1kWh per 100 kilometers. While the Solterra may not be as energy-efficient as some rivals, it offers a respectable range for urban driving conditions. The fast-charging capability allows for a 10 to 80 percent charge in approximately 30 minutes.

In terms of driving dynamics, the Solterra offers a balanced performance with responsive acceleration and precise handling. The steering is heavier compared to the BZ4X, providing a more engaging driving experience. The suspension is firm, offering a sportier ride quality but may not be as comfortable over rough road surfaces.

Overall, the Subaru Solterra presents a compelling option for buyers looking to transition to electric vehicles within the mid-size SUV segment. While it may not have the energy efficiency or spaciousness of some competitors, the Solterra offers a well-rounded package with a focus on premium features and driving dynamics. For Subaru loyalists or those seeking a luxury electric SUV experience, the Solterra is definitely worth considering in the evolving electric vehicle market.

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