Review of the 2024 Cupra Born VZ

The Born VZ: A Fast and Powerful Electric Car

The Born VZ, short for veloz which translates to fast, is a dynamic and high-performance electric car that has undergone extensive changes from the standard model on which it is based. One of the key improvements in the Born VZ is in its powertrain, with the rear-mounted motor now delivering an impressive 322bhp, up from the previous 228bhp, and torque increased from 229lb ft to 402lb ft.

These enhancements have resulted in a significant reduction in the 0-62mph time to just 5.7 seconds, and an increased top speed of 124mph. The Born VZ’s power and torque upgrades make for a thrilling driving experience, especially when maneuvering through a series of corners. The car remains stable and composed, with commendable tuning that ensures a smooth and responsive ride.

One area where the Born VZ has seen particular attention is in its brake system. The brake pedal has been fine-tuned for better feel and response, addressing a common issue in performance electric cars. The incorporation of regenerative braking from the motor adds an additional layer of complexity, but the brakes in the Born VZ offer a progressive and controlled stopping power.

While the brake pedal may take some getting used to, it provides a familiar and effective braking experience reminiscent of a petrol hot hatch. The initial deadness in the pedal’s travel is a minor drawback, but the overall performance is commendable. The Born VZ also features paddle controls on the steering wheel to adjust the level of regeneration, giving drivers more flexibility in their driving experience.

One peculiar aspect of the Born VZ is its lack of noise. Unlike some electric cars that generate artificial sounds to mimic traditional engine noise, the Born VZ embraces the sound of silence. While this may be disconcerting for some drivers accustomed to engine noise, it also highlights the quiet and efficient nature of electric vehicles. The absence of noise may take some getting used to, but it ultimately enhances the overall driving experience of the Born VZ.

In conclusion, the Born VZ is a formidable electric car that combines performance, efficiency, and innovation. With its powerful powertrain, responsive handling, and advanced brake system, the Born VZ offers a thrilling driving experience that challenges traditional notions of electric vehicles. While some quirks may require adjustment, the Born VZ sets a new standard for high-performance electric cars in the modern automotive landscape.

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