Review of Apollo Go (2024): The Ultimate Commuter Scooter

The Apollo Go Electric Scooter: A Game-changer in Control and Customization

When it comes to electric scooters, control is key. Whether it’s speed, braking, or turn signals, having the ability to customize these features can greatly enhance your riding experience. Most escooters on the market lack this level of customization, but the new Apollo Go is changing the game.

As a seasoned tester of Apollo scooters, I can confidently say that the Apollo Go is my favorite model yet. It offers a winning combination of speed, range, and portability, and comes with useful features like turn signals and a bell. But what truly sets this scooter apart is the level of control it offers through the companion app.

Setting up the Apollo Go is a breeze, with a simple process that involves attaching the handlebar to the scooter’s stem. The included tool kit makes basic repairs easy to handle on your own. While Apollo does have service centers across the country, it’s always wise to check for a nearby location before making your purchase.

The real magic of the Apollo Go lies in its companion app. By connecting to the app, you gain access to a host of customizable features that can enhance your riding experience. For starters, you can set your preferred speed for each of the scooter’s three modes: Eco, Comfort, and Sport. This level of customization ensures that you get the perfect balance of speed and control.

But the app doesn’t stop there. It also allows you to adjust the regenerative braking and acceleration response, giving you even more control over your ride. You can even set a max speed for the scooter, control the Cruise Control activation time, and decide whether the turn signals should turn off automatically or manually.

In terms of performance, the Apollo Go delivers on all fronts. With a top speed of 28 mph (which can be adjusted), a range that satisfies daily commutes, and a folding system that makes transport a breeze, this scooter is a true powerhouse. At 46 pounds, it may be a bit heavy for some users, but the manageable weight and convenient carrying options make it a great choice for most riders.

In conclusion, the Apollo Go sets a new standard for electric scooters with its emphasis on control and customization. If you’re looking for a scooter that puts you in the driver’s seat, both literally and figuratively, the Apollo Go is the perfect choice. Take control of your ride and experience the future of electric scooters with the Apollo Go.

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