Reporters Analyze Supreme Court Ruling on Purdue Pharma and California’s Recent Heat Regulations

Reporters Analyze Supreme Court Ruling on Purdue Pharma and California’s Recent Heat Regulations

On June 27, KFF Health News senior correspondent Aneri Pattani delved into the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Purdue Pharma and the opioid settlement on WHYY’s “Studio 2.” The discussion shed light on the implications of this crucial ruling, providing insight into the ongoing battle against the opioid crisis. Listeners can catch the full segment by clicking here, and dive deeper into the topic with Pattani’s series “Payback: Tracking the Opioid Settlement Cash.”

Additionally, KFF Health News ethnic media editor Paula Andalo addressed California’s latest heat regulations on Radio Bilingüe’s “Línea Abierta” on June 22. The conversation highlighted the importance of these rules in combating extreme heat, particularly in school settings. To listen to Andalo’s segment, click here, and explore the related article by Samantha Young on “Heat Rules for California Workers Would Also Help Keep Schoolchildren Cool.”

Furthermore, KFF Health News contributor Andy Miller delved into the impact of social media on young people’s mental health on WUGA’s “The Georgia Health Report” on June 21. The discussion touched on the challenges posed by excessive social media use, highlighting the need for greater awareness and support for mental well-being in today’s digital age. To listen to Miller’s insights, click here.

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