Preserving Vintage Volvos: How the Scrap Man Keeps the UK’s Aging Cars Running

Preserving Vintage Volvos: How the Scrap Man Keeps the UK’s Aging Cars Running

In the world of car enthusiasts, there is a man who has made a name for himself by specializing in a particular brand: Volvo. Coppen, the man in question, has a collection of Volvos that date back many years, with the average age of his cars being 12 years. However, many of them are much older, some even dating back to the 1970s.

What sets Coppen apart from others in the industry is his unique approach to storing and selling parts from these old Volvos. He removes valuable items such as lights, door mirrors, radios, and parcel shelves from the cars and keeps them in stock for resale. According to Coppen, these parts are his biggest sellers, and he believes that if he left them on the cars, they would be stolen.

Visiting Coppen’s Volvo scrapyard is a journey through time, as you come across vehicles from different eras, including magnificent 960s, 940s, and even the occasional 850 estate. Despite his health not being in the best condition, Coppen still takes pride in his collection and has a deep respect for the old Volvos. He recalls a 770 model with an impressive 525,000 miles on the clock, showing the durability and longevity of these vehicles.

One might wonder why Coppen continues to work in his advanced age instead of retiring. His answer is simple: his customers need him. With his expertise and knowledge of old Volvos, Coppen is a valuable resource for enthusiasts looking to restore or repair their beloved vehicles. As Coppen himself proudly states, “Few people know old Volvos as well as I do.”

In conclusion, Coppen’s dedication to preserving and selling parts from old Volvos is a testament to his passion for these classic vehicles. His collection is a treasure trove for those in need of rare and hard-to-find parts, and his knowledge of these cars is unmatched. A visit to his Volvo scrapyard is not just a trip to a car junkyard but a glimpse into the history and legacy of Volvo cars.