Peyton Manning Discusses Marriott and Hilton’s Role as ‘Mega-Brands’ in History Channel Series

The latest episode of the History Channel’s “The Mega-Brands That Built America” is putting hotel giants Hilton and Marriott in the spotlight, with former quarterback Peyton Manning as the executive producer. Viewers get an inside look at how these two iconic hotel brands started from humble beginnings and evolved into luxury properties.

Manning expressed his admiration for Hilton and Marriott, stating that they are two of the most recognizable hotel brands worldwide. The episode explores the fascinating stories of Conrad Hilton and J.W. Marriott, showcasing their rivalry as they worked to expand their hospitality empires.

The program features detailed historical reenactments that bring the ‘Mega-Brands’ to life, highlighting the strategic decisions made by Hilton and Marriott to cater to travelers’ needs. Manning pointed out that the accessibility and convenience offered by both brands have been a key factor in their success.

In addition to the reenactment scenes, the episode includes insights from leading voices in business and technology, providing context on how the hotel industry has evolved over time. Experts like Bill Rancic, Adam Richman, and Natalia Mehlman Petrzela offer valuable commentary on the growth and impact of Marriott and Hilton.

Bill Rancic described the founding and expansion of the hotel mega-brands in the 1930s as “genius,” noting how they revolutionized the hospitality landscape and became a go-to choice for business travelers. As Marriott and Hilton continued to grow, they expanded their reach internationally and added a diverse range of brands to their portfolio, catering to different market segments.

“The Mega-Brands That Built America” episode is now available for streaming on The History Channel’s app and website. Cable subscribers can also access it on video on demand platforms like Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video. Produced by Omaha Productions, Lucky 8 Productions, and History Channel, the episode offers a captivating look at the history and success of Hilton and Marriott in the hospitality industry.

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