Opposing players don’t like Caitlin Clark !!which should be good for the WNBA

It’s clear that some WNBA players don’t like Caitlin Clark much.

This turned out to be a pretty good thing for the WNBA.

The anti-Caitlin sentiment becomes more and more evident with each passing match. It flared up in the biggest way on Saturday, when Chicago’s Chennedy Carter threw his shoulder at an unsuspecting Clark, knocking Clark to the ground. Carter’s teammate Angel Reese, a former college opponent of Clark’s, cheered his entrance from the bench.

This was an apparent escalation of some of the confrontational play between the two over previous possessions, which included Clark appearing to throw an elbow at Carter and appearing to say something to her face .!!!!!

Clark is a woman in the spotlight and that is adding a lot of spice to a season where, unlike in college, she hasn’t been able to dominate the competition.

Anyone expecting a 40-point performance with Magic Johnson-like passes will always be disappointed. Watching Clark fight through adversity and defeat his opponents would have to be dramatic enough. Furthermore, Indiana (2-9) is terrible.!!!!

Clark only went 1/10 from the field and scored a meager 3 points in Sunday’s blowout loss to New York. She left that game with an apparent ear injury after being hit by a screen.

The league apparently believed it could physically take her out of the game, a fairly common tactic among young players at all levels of basketball.

“We understand who the monster head is on that team,” New York veteran guard Sabrina Ionescu said of Clark. “We’re trying to make things harder and harder.”

Some of it is simply business. However, some of it seems personal. No one is wrong.

Maybe it’s her popularity. Maybe it’s her money. Maybe it’s the attention she commands. Maybe it’s just a good rookie who still needs to prove himself. You will find all of these dynamics in other sports and other situations.

Or maybe it’s just Clark playing a tough, physical, and direct game with you.

Whatever it is, spice – and jostling – has become a constant, and that adds a bit of fun to things. Most popular sport in America? Argumentative. There’s nothing like bad blood and uncertainty about what might happen next to attract fans, or at least keep them when Clark’s game comes together.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that,” Clark said of the shoulder fall. “But it’s like, ‘React, stay calm and let your play do the talking. It is what it is. It’s a physical game, make the free throw and then execute the offense. labour.’ It felt like that’s what we did.”

For his part, Carter did not want to discuss this issue with the media but gave his opinion on social networks.

Carter asked in a post: “Besides three-point shooting, what else does she bring to the table?”

She then accepted the backlash from those who sided with Clark.

“I grew up with all my brothers,” Carter, a fourth-year player, wrote. “All we do is fight and argue. I love hate more than love… I would rather you hate me [than] love me and I mean for my dead aunt.”

Just the fact that “I mean my dead aunt” has entered the vocabulary is enough to make this joke entertaining.

What would be even better is if people accepted what appears to be Caitlin Clark’s thinking – which is no big deal. Carter’s shoulder was deemed a Flagrant 1 foul by the league and Chicago head coach Teresa Weatherspoon said in a statement that the action was “inappropriate” but that there would be no discipline. The way to end this is with a hard screen or a pushback or best of all Clark uses it as motivation to win.

In fact, Golden State’s Draymond Green weighed in saying the Fever need to sign an “enforcer” to protect their star – just like Green did with Steph Curry, who often struggled physically – and most people agree that it’s their own small victory for the legitimacy of women’s sport. No kid gloves here. Play football.

Yes, ideally every game is played with sportsmanship and respect, but that’s not how it works in the real world, especially in competitive sports. Many fans don’t even want that.

In a purely business sense, WNBA players should love Caitlin Clark for the amount of sponsorship money, fan attention and media coverage she is bringing to a league that has been unreal. breakthrough in more than a quarter of a century of existence.

Maybe Carter is right and Clark’s rookie game was mostly just 3-point shooting. That’s a big adjustment from the college rankings, where there are only a few good teams and players, compared to the W, which only has 144 spots on the list of the best players in the world. That’s why Clark will continue to settle in and show the passing, scoring and leadership she did at Iowa.

What Clark brings is definitely attention. If this had happened a year ago, with a different player, only die-hard fans would have known. Or a treat.

Things are escalating for Caitlin Clark, so that hit rolls and it won’t stop until she fights back in one way or another.

Caitlin Clark was never going to dominate the WNBA outright. Her efforts to get there – against people who don’t seem to care about her at all – will be worth watching.

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