Opponents target Biden’s moment of hesitation at star-studded LA fundraiser: FACT CHECK

Opponents target Biden’s moment of hesitation at star-studded LA fundraiser: FACT CHECK

The recent video circulating on social media from a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles for President Joe Biden has sparked claims that he froze up onstage and had to be escorted out by Obama. However, the reality is quite different from what some are portraying.

During the event, Biden paused to bask in the cheers and applause as he exited the stage with former President Barack Obama following an interview with comedian Jimmy Kimmel that helped raise more than $30 million for his reelection campaign. The footage shared by former President Donald Trump on his social media platform Truth Social showed Biden momentarily stopping and looking out into the audience, leading to questions about his ability to lead.

However, separate footage from the event, provided by Biden’s campaign spokesperson James Singer, shows a different perspective. The president can be seen waving, pointing, clapping, and giving a thumbs-up to the audience alongside Obama, with Kimmel waiting off to the side. Biden briefly stands still for about seven seconds, taking in the moment, before continuing offstage with Obama by his side.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates described the moment as Biden acknowledging and enjoying the applause from the crowd. Singer attributed the negative interpretations to those who are desperate to distract from the accomplishments of the Biden administration. In response to edited videos circulating online to paint Biden in a negative light, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed them as “cheap fakes” done in bad faith by Republicans.

Attendees at the fundraiser also confirmed that there was nothing remarkable about Biden’s momentary pause and described it as a non-issue. Lewis Kay, a spokesperson for Kimmel, called the claims circulating online as “nonsense” and explained that attendees were simply trying to get Biden’s attention as he exited the stage.

The fundraiser, which featured celebrities like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Barbra Streisand, set a record by raising over $30 million for Biden’s campaign. Both Biden and Obama emphasized the importance of defeating Trump in the upcoming election during their interview with Kimmel.

In conclusion, the claims of Biden freezing up onstage and being escorted out are misleading and taken out of context. It is essential to fact-check information before sharing it to avoid spreading false narratives. The reality is that Biden paused momentarily to acknowledge the applause from the audience before leaving the stage with Obama, and there was nothing unusual about the moment.