Once again, hopes for new six-cylinder Mazda 6 are dashed

Mazda has given its best indication in years that reports claiming a rear-wheel-drive, six-cylinder successor to the Mazda 6 are untrue. Fans who have been eagerly waiting for a new Mazda 6 sedan with rear-wheel drive and six-cylinder engines have been given another reason to move on.

Reports from Japan have suggested for years that a new Mazda 6 is in development, based on the new rear-wheel-drive ‘Large Products Technology’ architecture of Mazda’s luxury-priced SUVs – the CX-60, CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90. Despite persistent rumors and reports from reputable sources like Best Car magazine, executives from Mazda have continuously dismissed these claims.

Recently, Mazda’s head office in Hiroshima all but shut the door on the possibility of any additional models being developed on the Large architecture after the four SUVs. This decision leaves a new electric car for China as the only indirect successor to the Mazda 6.

In a financial report, Mazda stated that they are preparing to launch the CX-80 in Japan and Europe, completing their four Large product lineup globally. The company plans to increase sales with a full lineup of four Large products, suggesting that there will be no expansion of the lineup to include a new Mazda 6 sedan.

This development is the latest confirmation that there are no plans for a new rear-wheel-drive petrol Mazda 6. Mazda executives have emphasized that SUVs are currently a top priority and are what’s selling best in the market. This trend has led Mazda to focus on developing SUVs rather than a new Mazda 6 sedan.

Sales figures of the current third-generation Mazda 6 in Australia have declined over the years, reflecting the shift in consumer preference towards SUVs. The closest Mazda fans may get to a new Mazda 6 is the recently unveiled EZ-6 electric car designed for the Chinese market. The EZ-6 offers impressive electric driving range and is based on a model sold by Mazda’s joint-venture partner in China, Changan.

While hopes for a new six-cylinder Mazda 6 have been dashed once again, Mazda continues to focus on its SUV lineup and the development of electric vehicles like the EZ-6. Plans to export the EZ-6 to other markets like Australia, Europe, or the US are yet to be announced, leaving fans to look towards the future of Mazda’s product lineup.

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