Nurkić criticizes Draymond for disrespecting Suns roster by using KD

The beef between Draymond Green and Jusuf Nurkić escalated this week as the two NBA players engaged in a war of words on national television. Green, appearing on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” took a shot at Nurkić by criticizing the Phoenix Suns’ roster and inferring that Kevin Durant, Green’s former teammate, was essentially the Suns’ big man.

Green’s comments were a clear dig at Nurkić, who plays as the Suns’ starting center and had recently come under scrutiny for his performance in their first-round playoff loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Nurkić wasted no time in firing back, taking to social media to express his thoughts on the situation.

The tension between Green and Nurkić can be traced back to a December incident where Green was suspended for striking Nurkić in the face during a game between the Suns and Warriors. Nurkić expressed concern for Green’s well-being at the time, but the animosity between the two has clearly not subsided.

Despite briefly attempting to reconcile, Green and Nurkić continue to engage in a heated exchange, even during the NBA offseason. The feud between the two players shows no signs of cooling down, as they continue to trade barbs and insults both on and off the court.

Fans interested in following the ongoing drama between Green and Nurkić can tune in to the Dubs Talk Podcast for further updates and analysis on the situation. The rivalry between these two NBA stars promises to be a compelling storyline to watch as the next season approaches.

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