Nike discontinues app for 0 self-tying sneakers

Nike discontinues app for $350 self-tying sneakers

In 2019, Nike made headlines with the release of the Adapt BB sneakers, which were touted for their self-tying capabilities and LED lights controlled through a mobile app. However, Nike has now announced that they will be retiring the app associated with the sneakers on August 6, rendering some of the shoes’ key features unusable.

The decision to discontinue the app has left many Adapt BB owners disappointed, with some expressing frustration and disappointment on platforms like Reddit. Some users have even called for Nike to open-source the app so that customers can maintain the sneakers’ functionality.

The news of the app’s retirement comes as a blow to sneaker enthusiasts and tech fans alike. Nike’s previous attempts at commercializing tech-infused products, such as the NikeConnect app for NBA jerseys, have also faced challenges. The Adapt BB sneakers faced their own set of issues, with software updates causing glitches and usability problems for some users.

Despite the setbacks, Nike remains a leading force in the athletic footwear industry, with a range of other popular apps and products in their lineup. While the retirement of the Adapt app may disappoint some customers, Nike continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of sports technology.

Ultimately, the decision to retire the Adapt app may be a sign of the evolving nature of technology and consumer preferences. As companies like Nike strive to stay ahead of the curve, some products may fall by the wayside, but new innovations are always on the horizon. As a result, customers can expect new and exciting developments from Nike and other brands in the future.