Ncuti Gatwa from ‘Doctor Who’ brings in a new era of the series with a wilder, crazier, and more fun vibe, according to showrunner

When Ncuti Gatwa was named the new Time Lord on Doctor Who in May 2022, it marked a historic moment for the popular British sci-fi series launched more than six decades ago.

The Sex Education star, who was born in Rwanda and raised in Scotland, is the first openly queer Black actor to take on the beloved titular character. He made his debut as the 15th Doctor during the franchise’s 60th anniversary specials in December when predecessor David Tennant officially handed Gatwa the reins.

“We’re very much aware of having been a largely white world that we’re trying to make reparations for and trying our best to increase the visibility and diversity across the board,” Davies continued. “My entire career, I’ve tried to be more inclusive and more diverse on all sorts of platforms, in all sorts of ways. It’s a fight that I believe in.”

Doctor Who fans, who are collectively referred to as Whovians, caught a first glimpse of Gatwa as the Doctor in the well-received 2023 Christmas special “The Church on Ruby Road,” which also introduced the newest companion, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson). The installment was the stepping stone for the upcoming 14th season, which Davies described as “wilder, madder and funner — a bit more chaotic” than previous iterations.

That palpable onscreen energy is largely due to Gatwa and Gibson’s chemistry as Doctor and companion, two characters who have a lot more in common than initially thought.

Earlier Doctors have often worn the same outfit or similar versions of it, creating a signature look for any given Doctor Who era. That changes with Gatwa’s 15th Doctor, an intentional decision made by Davies, who acknowledged that the actor’s penchant for fashionable outfits and red carpet statements helped propel the Time Lord’s various episode-specific looks.

The first two episodes of Doctor Who start streaming on Disney+ on May 10 at 7 p.m. ET.

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