Million-dollar discovery made by dinosaur hunter

The discovery of a stegosaurus skeleton with the potential to fetch millions of dollars at auction in New York is a testament to one man’s incredible luck on his birthday stroll in the American Southwest. Jason Cooper, a professional fossil hunter, stumbled upon the massive stegosaurus, which he named “Apex” due to its formidable size, during a casual walk on his Colorado property. Cooper, who has made a career out of discovering dinosaurs in the Morrison Formation, a Jurassic period sedimentary rock formation, has unearthed 10 dinos in his 100-acre property over the years.

The rarity and completeness of the stegosaurus skeleton make it a desirable item on the auction block, attracting the interest of tech entrepreneurs and Hollywood stars alike. However, the sale of such fossils has sparked a debate among academic paleontologists who argue that these treasures should be preserved in public collections for scientific research and public appreciation. Despite the controversy, Cooper defends his decision to sell the stegosaurus, noting that many collectors eventually donate fossils to institutions.

As Cooper prepares Apex for auction, the public will have the opportunity to marvel at this incredible find. The stegosaurus, with 70% completeness and minimal signs of damage, offers a rare glimpse into prehistoric life. While academics lament the sale of such fossils, Cooper remains steadfast in his belief that sharing these discoveries with the public is crucial for sparking curiosity and education.

In the end, Cooper’s passion for fossil hunting drives him to continue searching for more treasures, some of which he will generously donate to public collections. As the auction unfolds, Cooper’s dedication to preserving and sharing these prehistoric wonders reminds us that the fascination with dinosaurs still captivates us all.

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