Michael Cohen Takes the Stand in Trump Hush Money Case as Testimony Enters Fourth Week

The hush money trial of former President Donald Trump entered its fourth week of witness testimony, with Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness, taking the stand. Prosecutors have built a case around record-keeping, accusing Trump of falsifying internal business records to cover up hush money payments made by Cohen during the 2016 campaign. Text messages, audio recordings, and dramatic testimony from witnesses like Stormy Daniels have been introduced to illustrate the alleged scheme. The trial is in its 16th day, and the prosecution may wrap up its case this week.

Cohen testified that Trump implored him to delay finalizing the hush money payments to Daniels until after the election, to avoid paying her. Despite initial hesitation from CFO Allen Weisselberg, Cohen eventually decided to pay Daniels himself. Cohen also implicated Trump in efforts to suppress other negative stories, including one involving a doorman’s false claim and another involving a Playboy model.

As Trump’s legal woes continue, he has been limited in his ability to comment on the trial due to a gag order. The trial is expected to consume much of the month, with Trump’s supporters rallying behind him as he faces the charges. Despite the distractions, Trump has continued to assert his innocence and claim political persecution.

As the trial progresses, key players like Weisselberg may make appearances, despite complications with his prior legal issues. The defense is gearing up for a tough cross-examination of Cohen, painting him as an unreliable witness with an agenda against Trump. The trial is expected to conclude soon, with Cohen’s testimony playing a crucial role in the case against Trump.

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