McLaren’s Trademarks Suggest Exciting Hypercars on the Horizon

The British supercar manufacturer McLaren has been making waves in the industry with its recent trademark filings, hinting at a new generation of high-performance models on the horizon. The company has filed trademarks for names such as ‘E1’, ‘W1’, and ‘MP1’, suggesting that exciting developments are in the works.

One of the trademarks, ‘E1’, is speculated to be a successor to the iconic McLaren P1 hypercar, paying homage to the legendary McLaren F1 from the 1990s. The inclusion of the letter ‘E’ in the name hints at a potential battery-electric powertrain, as McLaren has previously expressed interest in developing an electric successor to the P1.

In a recent interview, McLaren executive Michael Leiters discussed the challenges of maintaining the brand’s signature driving dynamics while incorporating electric powertrains. He emphasized the importance of keeping the vehicle’s weight down and hinted at the brand’s focus on creating high-performance electric models without sacrificing performance.

Additionally, McLaren’s trademarks for ‘W1’ and ‘MP1’ suggest that the company may be exploring both electric and petrol-powered hypercars. The ‘W1’ name could be a nod to McLaren’s headquarters in Woking, while ‘MP1’ could reference the brand’s first road car post-F1, the MP4-12C.

While trademark filings do not always result in new models hitting the showroom floor, McLaren’s track record indicates that these new trademarks could indeed foreshadow upcoming releases. Fans and enthusiasts may have to wait until late 2024 or early 2025 to see the next McLaren hypercar, with the brand’s first electric model potentially taking a bit longer to materialize.

Overall, McLaren’s recent trademark filings hint at an exciting future for the brand, with a mix of electric and petrol-powered hypercars expected to delight fans and push the boundaries of performance. Stay tuned for more updates on McLaren’s upcoming models and releases.

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