Maria from Survivor 46 Defends Her Vote for Kenzie to Win Instead of Charlie

Maria Shrime Gonzalez has been the talk of the town after her controversial decision to crown Kenzie Petty as the Sole Survivor over her day one ally, Charlie Davis. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Maria stood by her choice and clarified that she was not the sole vote that sealed Kenzie’s victory.

The decision came down to a 5-3 vote in favor of Kenzie, with Maria being one of the five to choose her over Charlie. Many fans and even Charlie himself were surprised by Maria’s choice, as they had formed a tight bond since day one of the competition.

During the Survivor 46 aftershow, Maria explained that Kenzie’s determination in the final four fire-making challenge played a significant role in her decision. Kenzie’s response to what she would do with the $1 million prize also resonated with Maria on a personal level, as she reflected on her own sacrifices as a mother.

Despite the backlash on social media, Maria remained firm in her decision and emphasized that it was not about not voting for Charlie, but rather voting for Kenzie. She shared the internal struggle she went through before making her final choice, highlighting the emotional weight of the decision.

As the controversy continues to swirl, Maria remains unfazed by the negativity and chooses to focus on the support she has from those who know her best. She acknowledged the challenges of dealing with public scrutiny but stays true to herself and her reasons for voting the way she did.

The season finale of Survivor 46 left fans divided, but Maria’s bold decision added an unexpected twist to the outcome. With the show available for streaming on Paramount+, viewers can relive the intense competition and strategic gameplay that led to Kenzie being crowned the ultimate Survivor.

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