Manchester Airport returns to normal operations following power cut disruption

Manchester Airport returns to normal operations following power cut disruption

The recent power cut at Manchester Airport has caused chaos for travelers, with many facing delays as airlines work to rearrange grounded flights. The airport has assured passengers that all systems are now running normally, but advises travelers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

According to Manchester’s live departure board, several flights are experiencing delays of an hour or more, impacting both outbound and inbound journeys. Travel expert Simon Calder has warned that such events could have a serious impact on aviation by damaging passenger confidence. He emphasized the competitive nature of the industry, stating that Manchester Airport could risk losing business to alternative airports if passengers opt for smoother travel experiences elsewhere.

The airport has deployed extra staff to help process the backlog of flights, and passengers are advised to arrive two hours before short-haul flights and three hours before long-haul flights. Sunday’s disruption saw 66 outbound flights and 50 inbound flights canceled, causing frustration and chaos for travelers. Photos shared on social media showed long queues and stalled baggage carousels, with reports of some passengers’ baggage not being loaded onto planes.

Airlines, including EasyJet, saw a significant number of cancellations, with some flights being diverted to alternative airports in the UK. The airport’s managing director, Chris Woodroofe, has apologized for the delays and assured passengers that steps are being taken to prevent ongoing disruptions in the coming days. The power cut was caused by a fault with a cable at the airport, resulting in a surge of power across the electrical network.

Overall, the recent events at Manchester Airport serve as a reminder of the fragility of air travel infrastructure and the importance of contingency planning in the face of unforeseen disruptions. Passengers are urged to stay informed and prepared for potential delays as the airport works to restore normal operations and regain passenger trust.