Making Post Likes Private: How it Can Help Users Protect Their Public Image | Tech News

Making Post Likes Private: How it Can Help Users Protect Their Public Image | Tech News

X, formerly known as Twitter, is set to make a significant change to its platform by making likes private. This decision comes as a way to help users protect their public image on the social media site. The Director of Engineering at X, Haofei Wang, confirmed this move, stating that public likes are leading to wrong behavior on the platform. Wang mentioned that many users feel hesitant to like certain content that may be deemed controversial or edgy, for fear of facing backlash from trolls or harming their public image.

In a statement, Wang encouraged users to like posts without worrying about who might see it. He emphasized that the platform’s algorithms improve by learning from user activity, including the posts they engage with. Senior software engineer Enrique Barragan also clarified that users will still be able to see the number of posts and replies on their own posts, but likes from other users will no longer be visible.

This decision aligns with Elon Musk’s previous announcement regarding plans to hide likes and repost numbers on the platform. Initially available only to paid subscribers, the feature will soon be accessible to all users, automatically making likes private on posts. It is still unclear whether view counts will remain visible to users.

The decision to hide likes is significant as they heavily influence the algorithm, affecting the type of content users see on their timelines. By privatizing likes, X aims to provide more personalized content tailored to individual user preferences. This feature comes shortly after Twitter’s transition to the ‘X’ domain, marking a new era for the social media platform.

Overall, the move to make likes private is a step towards fostering a more positive and inclusive online environment, where users can engage with content freely without the pressure of public scrutiny. The change reflects the platform’s commitment to prioritizing user experience and promoting healthy interactions among its community members.