Klaasen criticises New York pitch, labels T20 WC 2024 as ‘less appealing’

Klaasen criticises New York pitch, labels T20 WC 2024 as ‘less appealing’

The ICC T20 World Cup has seen its fair share of criticism regarding the pitch and outfield at the Nassau County Cricket Ground in the USA. South Africa’s Heinrich Klaasen has added his voice to the chorus of disapproval, stating that the venue is not a “great selling product” for T20 cricket.

Klaasen, known for his flamboyant batting style, expressed his concerns about the dual-paced and uneven bounce of the drop-in pitch at the Nassau County Cricket Ground. He highlighted the difficulties faced by batsmen in scoring runs on such challenging tracks, with low totals of 119 and 113 being defended by India and South Africa respectively.

Despite the challenges posed by the pitch, Klaasen acknowledged the competitive nature of the games played at the venue. He emphasized the tight competition and the unpredictability of outcomes, where any team can defeat another on a given day.

While acknowledging the efforts to market cricket in new cities like New York, Klaasen pointed out the importance of having better pitches to attract and entertain fans. He noted the differences in pitch quality between venues like Dallas and North Carolina, where cricket is more established.

Looking ahead to the rest of the tournament, Klaasen expressed optimism that the wickets will improve with time, leading to higher scores and a better showcase for the game. He predicted that once the Super Eight stage begins in the West Indies, par scores will likely be around 160 plus.

In conclusion, Klaasen’s comments shed light on the challenges of playing on substandard pitches and the importance of improving pitch quality for the overall growth and promotion of T20 cricket. Despite the difficulties faced by players, fans can expect exciting and competitive matches as the tournament progresses.