‘Killing Eve’ Sees Surge in Popularity Among Viewers Over 65 After Netflix Release, ‘Fallout’ Sets New Record

The hit TV series “Killing Eve” has made a remarkable appearance on Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings for the viewing window of April 15-21. In its first week on the platform, the BBC thriller was watched for an impressive 719 million minutes, securing the No. 8 spot on the chart. This surge in popularity is reminiscent of other beloved titles like “Suits” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” that experienced a similar boost in viewership after joining Netflix, even though they had concluded years ago.

What’s intriguing about the success of “Killing Eve” on streaming platforms is the unexpected demographic breakdown of its audience. According to Nielsen, one third of the viewership for the series in that week came from individuals aged 65 and above, making it the largest concentration of viewers. This demographic shift is surprising considering the show is best known for the intense and electric dynamic between its two female leads, one of whom is a psychopathic assassin.

Taking the top spot on the chart that week was “Fallout,” which garnered an impressive 2.6 billion minutes watched in its first full week of availability. The show’s initial success was evident from the 2.9 billion minutes it accrued in its first five days. Nielsen highlighted the rarity of achieving back-to-back weeks with over 2 billion minutes watched, a feat not seen since the groundbreaking run of “Suits” in 2023. Additionally, “Fallout” set a record for Amazon as its most successful title on the Nielsen charts and the first to achieve a 2 billion-minute streak without streaming on Netflix.

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve and new platforms emerge, the success of shows like “Killing Eve” and “Fallout” demonstrates the enduring appeal of captivating storytelling and compelling characters. It’s clear that quality content can find its audience across a diverse range of demographics, breaking traditional expectations and captivating viewers of all ages.

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