Kelly Osbourne Criticizes Former Fashion Police Colleague Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne Reflects on Time on Fashion Police with Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne recently opened up about her time as a co-host on Fashion Police alongside Giuliana Rancic in a candid discussion on her podcast “The Osbournes Podcast.” The 39-year-old did not hold back in expressing her raw feelings towards Rancic, stating, “We don’t need to give her any f—king anything,” in response to her mother, Sharon Osbourne, bringing up the topic of Rancic.

The controversy stemmed from a comment made in 2015 when Rancic made a racially insensitive remark about Zendaya’s hair on the show, for which Kelly was initially blamed. It was later revealed that Rancic was the one who made the controversial statement, causing tension between the co-hosts.

Kelly’s brother, Jack Osbourne, clarified the situation on the podcast, highlighting Rancic’s comment and Zendaya’s response. Kelly expressed her support for Zendaya’s reaction, stating, “Good for her,” and went on to say that, as far as she’s concerned, Rancic doesn’t exist.

Despite the controversy and resulting fallout, Kelly acknowledged that her experience on Fashion Police wasn’t all negative. She fondly remembered the late Joan Rivers, the iconic star who served as a mentor and cheerleader for Kelly on the show. Kelly also praised Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter, who joined Fashion Police in 2015 after her mother’s passing.

Looking back on her time on the show, Kelly expressed regrets about how Melissa was affected by the behind-the-scenes drama, particularly given the recent loss of her mother. She emphasized the need to support and repay Melissa for everything she went through during that challenging time.

As for Rancic, who issued an apology for her comments about Zendaya, Us Weekly has reached out for comment on Kelly’s recent reflections. The controversy surrounding Fashion Police ultimately led to Kelly’s departure from the show in 2015 and its cancellation in 2017.

In conclusion, Kelly Osbourne’s candid reflections on her time on Fashion Police shed light on the challenges and dynamics of working in the entertainment industry, while also highlighting the importance of accountability and support among co-workers. Despite the controversies and tensions, Kelly’s fond memories of Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers serve as a reminder of the impact of strong mentorship and camaraderie in the industry.

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