Justin Timberlake’s attorney to zealously defend him

Justin Timberlake’s attorney to zealously defend him

Justin Timberlake’s recent arrest for driving while intoxicated has stirred up headlines, but his lawyer is prepared to vigorously defend him against these allegations. The incident took place in Sag Harbor, a popular celebrity holiday destination in the Hamptons, where Timberlake was charged for running a stop sign and straying from the right side of the road. Despite being released without bail, he is set to appear in court on July 26th.

In response to the charges, Timberlake’s lawyer, Edward Burke Jr, expressed his readiness to defend the singer and emphasized that he is currently awaiting full discovery from the District Attorney’s office. This legal battle comes at a challenging time for Timberlake, as he is in the midst of promoting his sixth album, planning for an international tour which is scheduled to kick off in Poland next month.

According to the charging document, Timberlake displayed signs of intoxication including bloodshot and glassy eyes, as well as a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. His performance on sobriety tests was poor, and he even refused to take a breathalyzer test. This incident is not the first time Timberlake has struggled with alcohol, as he has previously been open about seeking help for excessive drinking.

In New York, penalties for driving while intoxicated can include jail time, fines, and the suspension of a driver’s license. Timberlake, a former member of boy band NSYNC and a successful actor and musician, faces potential consequences as he prepares for his court date.

Despite the legal challenges ahead, Timberlake’s fans continue to support him, eagerly anticipating his upcoming shows in Chicago and New York. As a 10-time Grammy winner and acclaimed actor, Timberlake’s reputation remains strong despite this recent setback.

In conclusion, while Timberlake faces legal scrutiny for his actions, his lawyer’s commitment to defending him and his continued success in the entertainment industry reaffirm his resilience in the face of adversity.