Journalists Explain Bird Flu, Brain Worms, and New Staffing Requirements in Nursing Homes

KFF Health News senior fellow and editor-at-large for public health Céline Gounder was featured on CBS’ “CBS Mornings” discussing the latest updates on bird flu on May 9. Additionally, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that a parasitic worm ate part of his brain, sparking intrigue and curiosity among viewers.

In another segment on “CBS Mornings,” KFF Health News senior correspondent Jordan Rau discussed the challenges faced by nursing homes in meeting new federal staffing rules. Rau’s insights shed light on the staffing shortages in nursing homes and the implications of not meeting these mandates.

For those interested in watching these segments or learning more about the topics discussed, links to the interviews on “CBS Mornings” and “Apple News Today” are provided. Additionally, readers can access an article by Rau discussing the Biden Administration’s higher staffing mandates and the struggles faced by most nursing homes in meeting them.

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