John Krasinski employed emotional persuasion to convince Blake Lively to join ‘IF’

John Krasinski, known for his roles in “The Office” and as a director, recently revealed some interesting details about his upcoming film, “IF.” In a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” Krasinski shared how he used “emotional blackmail” to convince Blake Lively to join the cast of the movie, which already included her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

The movie, which centers around the world of imaginary friends, features a star-studded cast including Steve Carrell, Bradley Cooper, and George Clooney. Lively plays the role of Octopuss, a cat who dresses up like an octopus to overcome her fear of water. Krasinski revealed that he had the idea for the film nearly a decade ago but felt a newfound urgency to complete it during the coronavirus pandemic.

Krasinski’s pitch to Lively was simple: “Everybody’s doing it.” And it seems like his peer pressure tactics worked, as Lively ultimately joined the cast. The idea of the movie resonated with Hollywood A-listers, with Krasinski receiving “the most ‘yeses’ of his career” for the project. Clooney’s decision to take on a role in the film was particularly meaningful for Krasinski, as Clooney was the first person to see Krasinski as a director, not just an actor.

The emotional connections on set didn’t stop there. A video shared by Paramount Pictures captured a heartwarming reunion between Krasinski and Carrell, who hadn’t seen each other in years. Carrell’s speech to Krasinski during the reunion brought on tears for the director, as Carrell expressed his pride and honor in being part of the project.

As Krasinski shared, working on “IF” was a mix of laughter and tears. The experiences and emotions shared on set highlight the power of filmmaking and the bonds formed between actors and directors. “IF” is set to hit theaters on May 17, and with a cast and crew filled with talent and heartfelt connections, it’s sure to be a movie worth watching.

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