JLR brings back Freelander name for new lineup of electric vehicles

JLR brings back Freelander name for new lineup of electric vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has recently announced plans to introduce two new platforms for its upcoming Freelander models, marking a significant step towards electrification for the brand. One of these platforms, the M3X, developed in partnership with Magna International, is versatile enough to accommodate both pure-combustion and plug-in hybrid powertrains. However, it is expected that Freelander cars will exclusively offer the latter option.

The partnership with Magna International has led to the development of Chery’s latest ‘Super Hybrid’ PHEV drivetrain, which combines a petrol engine with two electric motors in the gearbox. This innovative setup, a world-first according to Chery, is capable of providing an impressive EV-only range of up to 99 miles thanks to a large-capacity battery. This highlights JLR’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and sustainable driving solutions.

In addition to the M3X platform, JLR is also introducing the E0X architecture, designed specifically for battery-electric and range-extender drivetrains. This platform boasts an 800V charging architecture and offers the flexibility of front-, rear-, or four-wheel drive options. Both platforms feature a variable wheelbase and can cater to various vehicle types, hinting at the possibility of Freelander expanding beyond just SUV models in the future.

The decision to incorporate Chery’s range-extender technology aligns with the growing demand for such vehicles in China, where sales of REx cars increased by 157% in the first nine months of last year. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the incentives available to REx owners, which mirror those offered to pure-EV drivers. By opting for a range-extender drivetrain, buyers can enjoy the benefits of electric mobility while having the security of a combustion engine for added range.

Overall, JLR’s strategic collaboration with Chery and the introduction of advanced platforms signify a significant shift towards electrification within the company. With a focus on sustainable driving solutions and innovative technology, JLR is poised to make a strong impression in the evolving automotive industry. The future looks promising for Freelander models as they embrace the latest advancements in hybrid and electric propulsion systems.