Instagram Tests Unskippable Ad Pause Feature in the App

Instagram Tests Unskippable Ad Pause Feature in the App

Instagram, the social media platform owned by Meta, has confirmed that it is testing a feature for unskippable ads within its app. This move has sparked negative reactions from social media users after screenshots of the feature spread online. In these screenshots, it is seen that the ad pause displays a countdown timer, preventing users from browsing their feed until the ad finishes playing.

The new feature being tested by Instagram functions to place ads that users cannot skip, similar to the advertising strategy used by the free version of YouTube. This move aims to provide greater value for advertisers on the platform.

A Meta spokesperson, speaking on behalf of Instagram, stated that this trial is part of exploring new formats that can increase value for advertisers. As Instagram evolves to focus more on video content through features like Stories and Reels, this ad format is considered logical. Additionally, this strategy could help boost Instagram’s advertising revenue.

However, the user reaction to this feature has been largely negative. Instagram users, such as Dan Levy, have expressed their disagreement, calling this move “crazy.” These criticisms have also been supported by posts on Reddit, clarifying that clicking the information icon on the ad pause will display a message explaining that this is “a new way to see ads on Instagram” and users might need to watch them before continuing to browse. !!!!!!!!

Users feel frustrated because the addition of this ad pause disrupts their browsing experience on Instagram. They worry that this feature will reduce their comfort and satisfaction when using the app.

Overall, the trial of the unskippable ad pause feature on Instagram demonstrates the company’s effort to explore new ways to increase value for advertisers and boost ad revenue. However, the negative user feedback suggests that this feature could potentially harm the user experience on the platform. Instagram needs to consider user feedback and make necessary adjustments to ensure that this change does not negatively impact user satisfaction. The success of this feature will largely depend on how Instagram balances the needs of advertisers and user comfort in the long run.