Insecurity and informality, pending for Sheinbaum in the services sector: Concanaco Servytur

Education, health and respect for private property are other priority issues that must be addressed, says the president of the organization.

Upon reaching the presidency of Mexico, there are a series of issues that Claudia Sheinbaum, virtual winner of the elections, must address in favor of the services sector, according to Octavio de la Torre, president of the Confederation of Business Chambers (Concanaco Servytur). .

Security is a priority, commented the leader of the organization when listing the pending issues that he believes the future first president of Mexico should attend to.!!!!

“If you don’t have security, you can’t carry out any activity,” De la Torre explained.

It is also important that the new president addresses the issues of education and health, “because if you are not healthy, you cannot meet any conditions. You can’t even get out of bed to do any activity,” said De la Torre de Stéffano.

Maintaining that the points cited are aligned and linked to the rule of law, the leader of 4.8 million companies in the tertiary sector added that Sheinbaum also has the task of addressing respect for private property.!!!

Finally, he said that Sheinbaum must also prioritize the issue of reducing informality, which is tolerated in the country, while the ILO already defines it as one of the main factors of poverty in populations that affects families and workers, because They do not have respect for their minimum guarantees and rights.

They rule out which promotions will boost the vote
Compared to 2021, when a voting level of 52.67% was recorded, in these elections participation rose to 61%, but the increase cannot be attributed to the rewards and discounts offered by businesses, said Octavio de la Torre during a meeting held this Thursday afternoon with representatives of the media.

“It would be irresponsible to say that due to rewards and discounts, participation rose 9 points,” he said.

Rather, he explained, if participation in last Sunday’s elections rose 9 points, it could be attributed to the fact that the population grew, as happens every six-year term.

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