How iOS 18 Could Transform Your iPhone Experience

The long-awaited Siri overhaul is expected to debut at WWDC next week, bringing significant AI enhancements to Apple’s digital assistant. According to Bloomberg, these upgrades will deeply integrate Siri with on-device functions and installed apps, revolutionizing its capabilities.

Enhanced App Integration

The most notable update is Siri’s ability to control all app features using voice commands. This leap is driven by a major overhaul in Siri’s AI architecture, leveraging large language models similar to those powering Gemini and ChatGPT.

“Siri will, for the first time, be able to command all features within apps,” Bloomberg reports. This means users can interact with apps through voice prompts alone. Tasks like opening documents, moving notes, emailing web links, or accessing specific outlets in the Apple News app will be seamlessly managed by Siri.

Improved Multistep Commands

Initially, Siri will handle single natural language commands, but Apple plans to enable multistep voice prompts in the future. This enhancement will make Siri interactions significantly more efficient, comparable to Google Assistant’s ability to handle chained commands like “Hey Google, dim the lights and play music.”

For instance, users will be able to edit photos and send them to contacts or summarize notes and email them with a single voice command. These enhancements will be rolled out gradually rather than all at once.

Advanced AI Capabilities

Inspired by Microsoft’s Copilot and Gemini, Siri will also be able to summarize articles for users upon request. Bloomberg notes that the new system will leverage AI to analyze user activities and automatically enable Siri-controlled features.

Initially, Siri’s advanced integrations will be limited to Apple’s native apps. However, Apple has prepared the infrastructure for third-party developers to incorporate Siri’s capabilities into their own apps. More details on these AI upgrades will be unveiled at WWDC 2024.

System-Level AI Enhancements

Beyond reimagining Siri, Apple has several AI tweaks planned for iOS 18. Most AI processing will occur on the iPhone’s silicon, with only a small portion relying on the cloud. This approach is similar to Google’s on-device processing, where the Gemini Nano model runs natively on Tensor silicon in Google Pixel 8 phones for tasks like summarization, transcription, and smart replies.

AI-Powered Notifications

Another significant upgrade involves notifications. Apple aims to offer AI-generated summaries of notifications, covering app alerts, call notifications, messages, documents, news alerts, and webpages with various media formats.

In summary, iOS 18 promises to dramatically enhance the iPhone experience with Siri’s new AI-driven capabilities, more efficient interactions, and smarter notifications. More insights will be revealed at the upcoming WWDC event.

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