His stance on the future of the series

Kevin Costner is speaking out about the contract dispute he is involved in with the producers of Yellowstone, including showrunner Taylor Sheridan. Costner revealed in a recent interview that he “took a beating” in the press from the Paramount Network show’s producers over the last year during negotiations for the show’s final episodes. He expressed his disappointment with the way the situation has been portrayed and stated that he is now ready to share the “real truth” about what transpired.

According to Costner, he made a contract for Seasons 5, 6, and 7 of Yellowstone, but after negotiations with the producers, a new contract was presented to him, which only included Seasons 5A and 5B, with the possibility of Season 6. Costner explained that he had to fit his passion project, Horizon: An American Saga, into his schedule, but Yellowstone was given first priority. Despite his efforts to accommodate both projects, Costner expressed frustration over the lack of communication and preparedness from the Yellowstone team.

Costner put in 43 days of work on Part 1 of Yellowstone’s fifth season, but when it came time to shoot Part 2, he claimed that Sheridan’s scripts were not ready. This led to a breakdown in communication and production delays, ultimately resulting in Costner’s decision to prioritize Horizon over Yellowstone. Despite facing backlash and negative press, Costner maintained that he fulfilled his obligations and even went above and beyond to support the production.

The ongoing drama between Costner and the Yellowstone team has been playing out for over a year, with conflicting reports and rumors circulating about the reasons behind the delays in filming and negotiations. Costner has been portrayed as demanding and difficult to work with, while Sheridan has faced criticism for his handling of the situation.

As the future of Yellowstone remains uncertain, Costner has expressed his willingness to return to the show if the writing is strong and the conditions are favorable. He emphasized that good writing could entice him back to the series, despite the challenges he has faced. Costner’s dedication to his craft and his desire to deliver quality work are evident in his commitment to both projects and his willingness to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry.

Ultimately, the fate of Yellowstone and Costner’s involvement in the show remain uncertain, but fans can expect more twists and turns as the drama continues to unfold behind the scenes.

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