Happy couple compares their wedding to an Alan Sugar task

Akshay, 31, was a contestant on a reality show in 2022 where he met his now-fiancée, Harpreet. Their love story didn’t start until after the show ended, but since then, they haven’t looked back. Fast forward less than two years later, and the couple has purchased their dream home in Bradford, met each other’s families, and are preparing for their upcoming wedding.

The wedding festivities will be a blend of cultures, with a civil ceremony taking place in Pontefract to showcase Akshay’s family to Harpreet’s northern roots. This will be followed by a traditional Indian wedding in London and a grand reception. The couple is pulling out all the stops to ensure that their special day is a memorable and inclusive event for all.

Harpreet, who works in business, compares the wedding planning process to a task on The Apprentice. With so many details to consider, from selecting a venue to coordinating guests’ travel arrangements, she has approached the process with precision and determination. She recognizes the importance of keeping guests entertained and engaged throughout the celebration.

As the founder of betting site Tips 360, Akshay has also taken an active role in the wedding planning process. From managing the budget to negotiating with vendors, he has embraced the challenges that come with organizing a large-scale event. The couple has even had to consider factors such as weather and timing to ensure that everything runs smoothly on their big day.

Despite the complexities involved in planning a wedding, Akshay and Harpreet are enjoying the process and are excited to exchange vows surrounded by their loved ones. Their journey from reality show contestants to soon-to-be newlyweds serves as a reminder that love can blossom in unexpected places. They have found happiness in each other, and their upcoming wedding is a celebration of their enduring bond.

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