Greens demand additional £50 billion annually to restore the NHS to good health

The Green Party is calling for bold action to rescue the NHS, which they claim is at a “breaking point” due to underfunding. They are proposing an extra £50bn a year investment in the healthcare system, to be financed by taxes on the top 1% of earners. This funding would go towards boosting NHS salaries, improving social care, and fighting privatisation in the healthcare system.

Green Party Co-Leader Adrian Ramsay emphasized the importance of honesty with the public about the costs involved in restoring the NHS to good health. The party plans to field candidates in every constituency in England and Wales for the upcoming election, focusing on four winnable seats to press the new government to take action.

The Green Party’s proposals for increased NHS funding and social care align with healthcare spending levels in countries like France and Germany. They are also advocating for a one-off £20bn investment fund to modernize hospital infrastructure and equipment. These measures would be funded through tax reforms targeting the wealthiest individuals in the UK.

In contrast, the Conservatives have pledged a smaller increase in NHS funding, while Labour is proposing improvements in overtime pay for NHS staff and recruitment of additional mental health professionals. The Green Party’s focus on renewable energy and environmental issues sets them apart, with former party donor Dale Vince cautioning against voting Green in favor of Labour.

Adrian Ramsay defended the Green Party’s stance, criticizing Labour’s lack of significant proposals for climate funding and NHS funding. He emphasized that the Green Party is committed to honesty and making the necessary changes for a sustainable future. With their bold proposals and commitment to sustainability, the Green Party presents a compelling alternative for voters concerned about the future of healthcare and the environment.

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