Governor of Ohio calls for special session to address ‘unacceptable’ delay in getting Biden on the ballot

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has taken a bold step by calling a special session for the state’s Legislature to ensure that President Joe Biden is on the ballot this November. DeWine expressed frustration with his fellow Republicans who have shown a lack of urgency in addressing a timing issue related to the Democratic convention. He emphasized the importance of resolving this issue promptly and stated that failing to do so is unacceptable.

The special session is intended to pass legislation that would guarantee the presence of both major presidential candidates on the Ohio ballot in November. Additionally, DeWine plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit campaign spending by foreign nationals. This move highlights DeWine’s commitment to upholding the democratic process and ensuring fair elections in the state.

Despite the urgency of the situation, some Republican legislators have been hesitant to address the issue, prompting DeWine to take decisive action. He criticized lawmakers in the state House for not making significant efforts to place Biden on the ballot, while acknowledging the Senate’s efforts to pass relevant bills.

DeWine’s decision to call a special session has garnered mixed reactions from both sides of the political spectrum. The Ohio Democratic Party has condemned “corrupt GOP politicians” for their inaction, while expressing confidence that Biden will ultimately appear on the ballot. On the other hand, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Alex M. Triantafilou supported DeWine’s decision, expressing confidence in a decisive victory for Donald Trump.

Ohio, once considered a crucial swing state, has seen a shift to the right in recent elections. In 2020, Trump won the state with a significant margin, reflecting a trend favoring Republican candidates. However, DeWine’s efforts to ensure Biden’s presence on the ballot underscore the importance of upholding electoral integrity and providing voters with a choice between major candidates.

As the special session approaches, all eyes will be on Ohio’s Legislature to see if they can come together to pass the necessary legislation. DeWine’s bold stance on this issue highlights the importance of bipartisanship and cooperation in ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. Ohio’s role in the upcoming election will be closely watched, as the state’s decision could have broader implications for the national political landscape.

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