Google’s Hidden Game You Can Only Play on an iPhone

Google’s Hidden Game You Can Only Play on an iPhone

If you spent countless hours at arcades, this hidden game will definitely appeal to you.

Google has a fascination with Easter eggs. Since Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the company on September 4, 1998, the American tech giant has embedded all kinds of hidden gems in its famous search engine and various applications. From the iconic dinosaur game that appears when you lose internet connection to many other features that enhance your Google experience. Did you know you could play Pac-Man from the search engine or even tune your guitar for your next gig?

Among these hidden games, there’s one that has gone relatively unnoticed until recently for two main reasons. First, it’s only available to users who have the Google app installed on their iPhone. Although Android phones come with this app by default, Google has restricted this Easter egg to those using the app on iOS devices. The second reason is that to activate it, you need to perform a series of steps that might not be immediately obvious.

How to Activate Google’s Hidden Game
To activate Google’s hidden game, you need to open the Google app on your iPhone. Once opened, the app allows you to either type your query or read some of the day’s top news through Google Discover. But this time, you should do neither. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see three icons: a house, a square with a number in it, and a bell.

The first icon takes you back to Google’s main page, the second lets you browse all your open tabs, and the third shows all your recent notifications. To access the hidden game, tap on the second icon and close each of your open tabs. Once you’ve done this, the app will show a peculiar drawing explaining that you have no open tabs.

Enjoy the Classic Pinball Game aaaaaa
Swipe up on the screen, and the message will disappear, revealing the classic pinball game. As with other pinball games, your goal is to score as many points as possible by hitting various targets without letting the ball fall through the center lane. You’ll need to use your flippers skillfully to keep the game going.

To activate the left flipper, tap on the left side of the screen. Likewise, tapping on the right side of the screen will activate the right flipper to hit any balls coming from that direction. Your objective is to achieve the highest score possible with three tries. What will your high score be?

This hidden feature adds another layer of fun to using Google on your iPhone, making your experience even more enjoyable. Happy gaming!