Google Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Demonstrate How Clothing Fits Various Body Types

Google has introduced new ad formats that will revolutionize the way brands market their products. One of these formats allows brands to link short-form videos to their advertisements in Google’s search engine. These videos can be created by the brand itself or by hired creators, and AI-generated text summaries will be included below the videos. This new format caters to the preferences of the younger generation, as Madrigal notes, “I’ve got three Gen Z-ers at home, and watching them shop, it’s very video-based.”

Furthermore, Google has launched a tool that enables companies to create AI-generated product images based on their brand identity. This tool allows brands to upload photos from previous marketing campaigns and request Google to create new product images by combining different elements. For example, a home goods brand could ask Google to place an image of a candle on a beach background.

Shannon Smyth, the founder of a perfume and body-care company, A Girl’s Gotta Spa, has been using Google’s AI image tools with great success. She utilizes these tools to generate images for social media, email newsletters, and her Amazon store. Smyth acknowledges the time-saving benefits of these AI tools and mentions that Google continuously improves the accuracy of the generated images based on user feedback.

The use of AI-generated imagery in advertising is gaining popularity across various platforms. Meta, in a recent update, introduced AI tools that allow advertisers on Facebook and Instagram to create new versions of product photos using AI-generated backgrounds. Similarly, Amazon launched a beta image-generation tool that enables brands to create unique backgrounds for their product photos.

Despite the advancements in AI technology for advertising, there is a growing concern about consumer perception of AI-generated ads. Some fashion brands have faced backlash from customers after experimenting with AI designs. However, for smaller ecommerce companies like Smyth’s, the benefits of using AI tools outweigh the potential risks. According to Smyth, these tools have helped her stay visually engaging with customers and maintain a strong presence on social channels.

In conclusion, AI-generated advertising is reshaping the way brands market their products online. While there may be concerns about consumer acceptance, the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of AI tools are undeniable for businesses looking to create compelling imagery and engage customers effectively.

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