Ford F-150 customers have the option of receiving up to 00 cashback or a full refund due to lengthy delivery delays and recalls

Ford F-150 customers have the option of receiving up to $2500 cashback or a full refund due to lengthy delivery delays and recalls

After a near two-month pause on Australian deliveries for the Ford F-150 pick-up, customers can finally breathe a sigh of relief as a fix has arrived for the compliance breach. This fix includes disabling the Zone Lighting feature and recalibrating or replacing lighting units on affected vehicles to ensure they comply with Australian motor-vehicle regulations.

Customers who ordered or received their F-150 pick-up before May 29 will be offered up to $2500 in compensation or even a full refund. This compensation comes after deliveries were put on hold due to a breach of Australian Design Rules (ADRs) related to certain lighting features, specifically courtesy lights.

The fix for the breach is being implemented on vehicles in dealer stock, allowing them to be delivered to customers. Additionally, Ford Australia is reaching out to owners of the 992 affected F-150s already on the road to complete rectification work on their vehicles and provide compensation. As part of this effort, owners will also receive a five-year/75,000km free service plan valued at $2081.

Ford Australia is committed to ensuring that all F-150 customers are satisfied with the rectification work and compensation offered. Depending on the circumstances, customers may be entitled to reject their vehicle and receive a full refund under the Australian Consumer Law if they are not satisfied with the compensation provided.

Work needed for all F-150 models includes disabling certain lighting features like Courtesy White Lamps and reconfiguring daytime-running lights to comply with Australian regulations. Long-wheelbase variants will also have new Category 6 Side Direction Indicator Lamps fitted to replace existing lights.

Despite facing multiple setbacks and interruptions, Ford F-150 pick-ups remain a popular choice for customers. These vehicles are re-manufactured in Victoria by a Thai company with the backing of Ford Australia and Detroit, ensuring quality and compliance with local regulations.

In conclusion, Ford is working diligently to rectify the compliance breach and ensure that all F-150 customers are compensated appropriately. With the implementation of the fix and the offer of compensation or refunds, customers can once again enjoy their F-150 pick-ups with peace of mind.