Farage calls for immigration ‘freeze’ as Reform introduces new proposals

Farage calls for immigration ‘freeze’ as Reform introduces new proposals

Nigel Farage, the leader of the Reform Party, has set the tone for the upcoming 2024 general election by declaring it should be centered around immigration. At a recent event in south Wales, Farage emphasized the need for a “freeze” on non-essential immigration, attributing it to issues such as NHS waiting lists and the housing crisis. He criticized other parties for avoiding the topic altogether, claiming they “would rather not discuss it.”

In an effort to distinguish his party from Labour and the Conservatives, Farage presented what he called a “contract” rather than a manifesto. He expressed distrust in the word “manifesto,” associating it with deceit. As a prominent Eurosceptic and former member of the European Parliament, Farage reflected on his extensive political experience as he launched his new party’s proposals.

Immigration remained the focal point of the event, with Farage asserting that Britain is facing cultural decline and needs to halt immigration to “catch up.” Despite being a relatively new political entity, Reform Party has ambitious goals of establishing a strong opposition in Parliament and eventually aiming for victory in the 2029 election.

The core pledges outlined in the Reform UK manifesto include advocating for a freeze on non-essential immigration, deporting individuals crossing the Channel in small boats, and implementing tax breaks for healthcare professionals to address NHS waiting lists. The party also proposes scrapping Net Zero targets aimed at combating climate change and shifting focus to fossil fuels, as well as leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.

However, critics like Carl Emmerson from the Institute for Fiscal Studies have raised concerns about the feasibility of Reform’s economic proposals, citing unfunded costs of at least £38 billion. Despite the skepticism, Farage remains resolute in his vision of mobilizing a mass movement of people and forming a robust opposition to current political establishments.

In conclusion, Farage’s call for an “immigration election” and the Reform Party’s ambitious proposals are poised to shake up the political landscape leading up to the 2024 general election. With a focus on immigration, healthcare, and economic reform, the party aims to offer a distinct alternative to traditional political ideologies and pave the way for substantial change in the UK’s political landscape.