Doom: The Dark Ages: Back to the Roots with a New Twist

Doom: The Dark Ages: Back to the Roots with a New Twist

At the Xbox Games Showcase event, Microsoft and id Software announced the release of Doom: The Dark Ages, a new entry in the legendary Doom series. Scheduled for release in 2025, this game brings an exciting new concept with a backdrop of castles and swords, far from the futuristic feel of the previous reboot series.

Doom: The Dark Ages introduces a significant shift from previous installments by adopting a medieval theme. The developers aim to bring back the original essence of Doom through a more historical setting, while retaining the fast and brutal combat that has always been a hallmark of the series. This change is intended to provide a new experience that remains true to its classic roots.

Doom: The Dark Ages takes players to an entirely new era for this series. Doomslayer, the game’s main character, now appears in spiked armor and wields various medieval weapons such as a sawblade that also functions as a shield, a weapon with human skulls as ammunition, and a flail. Players can even control Atlan, a giant mech capable of destroying large creatures.

Hugo Martin, Creative Director at id Software, stated that the goal of this thematic shift is to recapture the classic Doom essence, which he feels has not been fully achieved in the recent reboot series. By having his team replay the original Doom, Martin wants to bring back the sensation of fast and agile movement that is a hallmark of this game. !!!!!!

Martin also highlighted the new focus on movement and combat tactics. While Doom Eternal emphasized verticality, Doom: The Dark Ages aims to offer a more grounded control sensation, akin to operating an Abrams tank. This approach allows players to experience a more intense and classic Doom-style combat.

Doom: The Dark Ages promises to be an installment that revives the classic essence of Doom in a medieval setting. With fast and brutal combat, along with new innovations in weapons and tactics, this game is set to offer a different demon-hunting experience while remaining true to its classic roots. Scheduled for release in 2025, Doom: The Dark Ages will be available on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. Fans can look forward to the origin story of Doom Slayer, turning a kingdom’s last hope into a nightmare for demons.