Cooking Class at Four Seasons George V, Paris Featuring Farm-Fresh Ingredients

Cooking Class at Four Seasons George V, Paris Featuring Farm-Fresh Ingredients

One afternoon last July, I had the privilege of wandering through a beautiful garden in Versailles, France, with herb shears in hand, on a mission to find the perfect oregano. This garden is located in the Domaine de Madame Élisabeth, a stunning estate gifted by Louis XVI to his sister in 1783. Accompanied by my wife, Tiffan, and our three-year-old daughter, Odella, we embarked on a culinary adventure guided by the talented chef Simone Zanoni from Le George, a renowned restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris.

During our visit, we participated in the hotel’s garden-to-table program, showcasing their commitment to sustainability. The outdoor kitchen runs on solar power, food waste is composted, and even spent coffee grounds are put to good use in growing oyster mushrooms. These efforts have earned Le George a Michelin Green Star, in addition to its existing star for culinary excellence.

As we explored the garden, harvesting fresh ingredients like zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers, we had the pleasure of preparing a meal together as a family. Odella enthusiastically joined in, assisting in making focaccia and pesto, while Tiffan and I marveled at the picturesque setting, complete with hand-painted Italian plates and azure glass goblets.

Chef Zanoni, with his roots in an Italian farm, shared his passion for creating dishes that evoke the feeling of family and home. We enjoyed a delightful meal of lemony fillet of sole and homemade pappardelle with pesto, all while sipping on a magnum of exclusive Philipponnat champagne crafted for Le George.

As the evening concluded, Zanoni encapsulated the essence of luxury, emphasizing that it is not about extravagance but rather a sense of warmth and familiarity. Indeed, our experience felt like being welcomed into a lavish home away from home. And after indulging in such a sumptuous feast, there was a simple yet meaningful task left for us: doing the dishes together.

In the end, this extraordinary experience at the Four Seasons Hotel George V’s garden left a lasting impression, reminding us of the importance of good food, family bonding, and the beauty of sustainable practices in modern cuisine. A true testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, our time spent in the garden was a true delight.

(Source: Travel + Leisure)