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Health News Recap: Recent Updates and Trends in Healthcare

Each week, the KFF Health News Minute brings you the latest updates and trends in the healthcare industry. From changes in health insurance reimbursement to the impact of climate change on health risks, here are some of the key highlights from recent episodes.

May 9: Fine Print in Doctor Agreements and Medicaid Recipients in Oregon
– Be cautious of the fine print in a doctor’s agreement that could affect health insurance reimbursement.
– Oregon is looking to provide Medicaid recipients with air conditioners and purifiers to address health risks from climate change.

May 2: Young Adults Struggling to Quit Vaping and Vehicle Tires as a Source of Air Pollution
– Many young adults are finding it difficult to kick the habit of vaping.
– Vehicle tires are emerging as a major source of air pollution, posing risks to public health.

April 25: Homeless People Losing Medicaid and Communities Stopping Fluoride in Drinking Water
– Some homeless individuals eligible for Medicaid are losing coverage as states purge their rolls.
– A wave of communities is discontinuing the addition of cavity-preventing fluoride to their drinking water.

April 18: Shortage of Dentists and Legal Risks for Needle Exchanges
– A shortage of dentists has led to more primary care doctors providing dental care.
– Providers face jail time in states that continue to outlaw needle exchange programs.

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