Chad Kelly, QB of the Argonauts, withdraws from camp, citing desire to reduce distractions

Suspended Toronto Argonauts quarterback Chad Kelly has announced that he will be withdrawing from training camp in order to focus on his personal growth and betterment through counseling. The CFL suspended Kelly for at least nine regular-season games following an investigation into a lawsuit filed against him and the team by a former strength and conditioning coach. Additionally, Kelly is suspended for Toronto’s two preseason games due to a violation of the gender-based violence policy.

As part of his suspension, Kelly will undergo confidential assessments by an independent expert and attend mandatory counseling sessions with a gender-based violence expert. In a statement released through his agent, Chris Lambiris, Kelly expressed his commitment to taking full advantage of this counseling opportunity to learn and grow.

Despite his suspension, Kelly remains supportive of the Argonauts organization as they prepare for the upcoming season. He has chosen to step away from training camp to minimize distractions for the team and focus on earning reinstatement in the CFL and the trust of his teammates and the community.

Kelly, who was named the CFL’s outstanding player last season, led Toronto to a league-best 16-2 record. However, the Argos fell short in the East Division final against eventual Grey Cup champion Montreal. With a background in college football and a brief stint in the NFL, Kelly is determined to move past his recent setbacks and demonstrate the leadership qualities he aspires to embody.

Reflecting on the findings of the CFL investigation, Kelly acknowledged the importance of creating a safe and healthy work environment for all team members. He emphasized his commitment to being a unifying force and expressed a desire to return to the field soon.

As Kelly navigates this challenging period in his career, he remains optimistic about the opportunity for personal growth and redemption. His decision to prioritize counseling and self-improvement speaks to his dedication to overcoming adversity and emerging as a stronger, more accountable athlete and leader.

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