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Abortion Restrictions Pushing Away Future Doctors in the Nation

The Impact of Abortion Bans on Medical School Graduates’ Residency Choices As graduation approaches for medical students across the country, the decisions they make about their residency programs are crucial for shaping their future careers. For Ash Panakam, a soon-to-be graduate of Harvard Medical School, the recent Supreme Court decision overturning the nationwide right to […]

Democrats Push for Accountability for GOP Threats to Reproductive Rights

In an effort to unseat incumbent Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Democrat Lucas Kunce is centering his campaign messaging around reproductive care restrictions. Kunce’s recent ad campaign accuses Hawley of endangering reproductive care, specifically targeting in vitro fertilization (IVF). The emotional ad features a Missouri mom named Jessica who tearfully recounts her struggles with infertility and […]

Illinois Parents Decided not to Have Another Baby after their First came with Medical Debt.

Medical Debt: A Growing Burden for New Parents In the quaint town of Jacksonville, Illinois, Heather Crivilare found herself facing a medical emergency just a month before her due date. Rushed to the operating room for an emergency cesarean section, Heather had developed high blood pressure, a dangerous condition during pregnancy. The birth of her […]

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