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Hennessey-Modified Ford Raptor R Outperforms Ram TRX

“Hennessey-Tuned Ford Raptor R Takes on Ram TRX in High-Performance Showdown” Hennessey Performance Engineering, based in Texas, is known for taking stock vehicles and transforming them into high-powered beasts. The latest creation to come out of their workshop is the Hennessey-tuned Ford Raptor R, a truck that has set a new benchmark in the world […]

Top 5 Trucks Priced Under $10,000, But No Longer in Production

The 2011 Dodge Dakota: The Best Used Truck for Under $10,000 Looking for an affordable truck in today’s market? Don’t give up hope just yet! While new trucks can be pricey, there are still some great options available in the used market for under $10,000. And the best-used truck for this budget might surprise you […]

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