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Demand for Chips is Unwavering, says Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

Nvidia is making waves in the AI chip industry with the release of its highly anticipated Blackwell chip. According to a recent announcement, the company is set to start shipping the Blackwell chips this quarter, and they are already in high demand among tech giants like Amazon Web Services, Google, Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Tesla. […]

Understanding and Utilizing Search Data: What It is and How to Use It

Google Trends is a powerful tool that allows users to search, track, and compare Google search terms and topics over time and by location. This tool can be particularly beneficial for business owners, content creators, and product developers as it provides valuable insights into customer behavior and interests. By analyzing trends and patterns, users can […]

Engineering Firm Arup Targeted in $25 Million Deepfake Scam

Scammers used deepfakes to trick an employee in the Hong Kong office of a major international corporation earlier this year, costing the firm $25 million. The incident involved Arup, the engineering company behind iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House and Apple’s California headquarters. In January, an employee in the finance department of the company’s […]

The Wave of Layoffs in the US: Amazon, Tesla, Google, IBM

In 2024, the trend of job cuts that started last year is continuing, with companies like Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Nike, and Amazon announcing plans for further reductions in their workforce. This year is shaping up to be just as challenging, with nearly 40% of business leaders surveyed by ResumeBuilder anticipating layoffs at their companies. Many […]

Former Google CEO Sells $24M Home in Most Expensive ZIP Code

Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO, recently sold his lavish mansion in Atherton, California for a whopping $24.5 million. The property, nestled in the most expensive zip code in the US, boasts a main home and a guest house spread across 5,265 square feet. Schmidt, who also served as the chairman of both Google and its […]

The Growth of Mark Zuckerberg’s Wealth Over the Past Decade

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), is celebrating his 40th birthday on May 14, 2024. Over the past decade, Zuckerberg has achieved significant milestones and accomplishments that have contributed to his success and wealth. One of the notable events in Zuckerberg’s life during his 30s was the birth of […]

Jack Dorsey reveals he planned to leave Twitter because of activist investor

In a recent interview with Mike Solana, Jack Dorsey, the cofounder of Twitter, criticized the board that oversaw the social media firm during his time as CEO, stating that they had always been a problem. Dorsey expressed his challenges with the board and his satisfaction when the company went private after being sold to Elon […]

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