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Viruses and Their Intricate Social Relationships

Viruses, once thought to be solitary particles drifting alone in the world, are now revealing a complex social life that has captivated scientists. Traditionally, viruses were seen as simple entities, carrying little more than genes inside their protein shells. However, this reductionist view is being challenged by a new generation of virologists who believe that […]

New Prospect for an HIV Vaccine Sparks Hope

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, has been a global health crisis since it was first identified in 1983. Over the past four decades, HIV has infected more than 85 million people worldwide and has caused approximately 40 million deaths. Despite significant advancements in treatment and prevention, a vaccine for HIV has remained elusive. One of […]

Raw-Milk Drinkers Remain Unfazed Despite Bird Flu Threat

Amid an unprecedented outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in US dairy cows, health experts are warning against the consumption of raw milk due to the heightened risks involved. The outbreak, the scope of which is still unknown, has raised serious concerns about the safety of raw milk. Despite these warnings, some raw milk enthusiasts remain […]

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