Bridgerton Season 3: Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan undergo stunning transformations

In season three of the hit show Bridgerton, viewers can expect to see some major changes in the wardrobe of their favorite characters. One character in particular, Daphne, undergoes a significant transformation in terms of her fashion choices and overall image.

Previously known for her more conservative and demure style, Daphne steps into a new sense of independence in season three. She starts incorporating bold colors like dark emerald green and more muted tones into her wardrobe, signaling a departure from her past self. Costume designer Glaser explains, “It’s as opposite as we could go.”

Not only does Daphne experiment with new colors, but her overall body shape has also been altered to reflect a more mature and sexy persona. Glaser mentions, “We also changed her body shape to make her more mature, more sexy, less of a child.” This subtle shift in her appearance adds another layer to her character development on the show.

On the other hand, Colin, another central character in Bridgerton, undergoes his own style evolution in season three. Initially described as having a more youthful appearance compared to his older brothers, Colin’s fashion choices reflect this sentiment. Associate costume designer Dougie Hawkes explains, “So we kept his colors more youthful.”

However, viewers will notice a significant change in Colin’s style as the new season unfolds. After returning from his summer travels across Europe, Colin is depicted as a man rather than a boy. This transformation is evident in his wardrobe, with a shift towards more sophisticated and bold colors. Hawkes notes, “He returns as a man, so the evolution from the boy’s colors to the male dominant strength… was a drastic transformation.”

Gone are the days of Colin wearing paler shades like baby blue; instead, he sports navy blues and rich browns, reflecting his newfound maturity and confidence. Glaser adds, “His clothes also allow for more movement and more of a swagger,” indicating a new sense of sophistication and self-assurance in his character.

Overall, the fashion evolution of Daphne and Colin in season three of Bridgerton adds depth and complexity to their characters, reflecting their personal growth and development. Viewers can look forward to seeing these changes unfold on screen as the story progresses.

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